• Compact Production Systems

PCC Compact Production Systems


PCC compact systems were designed to reduce rig time while drilling gas or oil wells onshore or offshore fields.


With optimized parts there is a reduction of the rig time and harzard as retrieving the BOP stack is not necessary  on every drilling phase,  making this system optimum choice related to conventional wellheads.


Main Features:

  • Single or dual completion

  • Reduced height, weight and connection quantities

  • Reduced rig time without retrieving/running the BOP stack for each drilling diameter

  • Totally flexibe projects

  • Working pressure up to 10.000 psi

  • Working temperature -30C to 180C (-20 F to 360 F)

  • Available to operate with standard and sour fluids

  • Internal groove for back pressure valve installation




  • Flanged end up to API 21.1/4" (model 6B and 6BX)

  • Casing sizes: 20", 13.3/8", 10.3/4", 9.5/8", 7" e 5.1/2"

  • Working pressure: Up to 10.000 psi 

  • Temperature class: R, U e V

  • Trim: AA up to FF

  • Certification levels: PSL 1, 2, 3 e 3G