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Bowl Protectors


Oilequip´s straight bore bowl protectors are compatible with all PC-22 and  PC-29 casing heads and spools and with all Oilequip tubing heads. These bowl protectors protect the head and spool seal bore against wear during drilling. Available in all typical bore sizes.




Bowl Protector Running/Retrieving Tool

It is a basic J-tool that runs on drill pipe. It locks on the bowl protector with a quarter turn right, and releases with a quarter turn left.

Available for all sizes of  bowl protectors.

Combination Bowl Protector Running/Retrieving Tool and BOP Test Plug.


It is a multiple tool that runs on drill pipe with its ends up or down. With pin down, it runs and retrieve Oilequip bowl protector from 10" to 20". With pin up, it lands and seals in the head or spool seal bore for pressure testing the BOP stack or manifold connections. Drill pipe could be suspended bellow the test plug, eliminating the need to trip all the pipe out of the hole. Bushing are used to adapt the basic tool to different bore sizes. 


BOP Test Plug

It is a simple tool that runs on drill pipe for the pressure testing of BOP stack or manifold connections. Available to fit all Oilequip´s casing head, casing spools and tubing heads.


Valve Removal Plug and Lubricators


Oilequip´s Lubricators installs VR plugs in casing heads, casing spools and tubing heads side outlets so gate valves could be isolated from annular pressure for removal or repair.

The Lubricator mounts on the gate valve flange outlet. With the lubricator holding pressure the gate valve can be opened, allowing the RR plug pass through the valve and be threaded into the head or spool outlet.

All studded and flanged outlets on oilequip casing heads, casing spools and tubing heads are threaded to receive the VR plugs.

For outlet working pressure of 15.000 psi, VR-H plugs are used. For working pressured up to 10.000 psi, 1 1/2" tapered- threaded VR plugs are used as standard.