• Mudline Oilequip


Subsea Well Head System  SSM-15


Oilequip SSM-15 system was engineeredto reduce rig time and optimize drilling time of subsea wells through a subsea casing hanger at the mudline. The system facilitate batch drilling, suspension and production tie backs. 


Available for H2S/CO2 servisse and working pressure up to 15.000 psi.




Stack-Down Design

Allows a better casing centralization and alignment and higher hanging weights due to the way set down weight is distributed .


Fluids Circulation

Optimum design allows better cementing and drilling mud circulation on each well drilling phase.  


Centralizers guides

Faciliatate installation and gives a better concentricity of casing hangers, making it easier to run and retrive service tools.


Easy to Set Up

In case any changes of the drilling program it is easy to change the casing hanger set up as needed.


Metal to Metal sealing

Every hanger has double metal to metal seals for high reliability and safety.


Temporary Suspension

Protection caps are available to allow temporary suspension of the wells drilling for any reason, protecting internal setting profiles and seals. J latch and pressure equalization tools allows easy of operation to tie back.


Running and Retrieving Tools

A complete set of service tools are available to run, suspend clean, circulate and tie back at any time during drilling to allow safe and easy of operations.



Design standards are API Spec 17D and NACE MR 01.75,